As people become more aware of the need to live more sustainably, whether driven by regulation compliance requirements or the desire to leave the world in a better place, Living Key provides an easy to understand holistic assessment of all key liveability and sustainability features and attributes of new or existing residential properties. 

With the ever increasing pressure on cost of living, a small investment with Living Key can pay financial rewards. Whether that be in reducing your power bills or just getting the best sustainable advice..

  • It costs less to live in a sustainable home.
  • Sustainable homes are more comfortable to live in. 
  • Sustainable homes can command a premium in the market. – increase the value of you property.
  • Eco-certified homes often sell more quickly.
  • Building/property regulations increasingly require higher sustainable design standards
  • Sustainable homes will not cost more to build if you start from the correct place and with the correct information.
  • Clients are demanding more efficient homes.