The core objective of Living Key is to address the market need for an easy to understand assessment and reporting system of the key liveability and sustainability features and attributes of new or existing residential properties.  

A Living Key report provides a thorough assessment and rating of the entire property in relation to  the land, buildings and fitout   and the surrounding neighbourhood, either at the design stage or as-built. ; It will provide an information based report which describes the results, attributes, areas for improvement, and the social/community environmental and financial/economic benefits, in an easy to understand language. 

In addition Living Key can provide a complete assessment and report at a price point that is financially accessible to individual home-owners and small medium developers.  

The strength of Living Key is the manner in which it rates, displays and describes the performance achievement of properties. It is a valuable tool for property owners, residents, selling and renting agents, as well as builders and property developers who who may find it difficult to demonstrate or describe the sustainability feature) or who may not have a methodology to benchmark a property’s performance.  

Living Key incorporates, addresses and speaks to contemporary social, ecological and personal health and quality of life issues and concerns. It provides information and recommendations to industry and home-buyers how a 'high-performance' property can be achieved, with regards to  thermally comfort, accessibility, energy, water and resource efficiency, links to community services and transport infrastructure, running costs. With this information in hand Living Key  will be a smart investment into the future.