Living Key assesses and rates seven core categories – Energy, Water, Resources, Liveability, Nature, Community, and Transport. 
These seven categories combined signify the holistic ‘sustainability’ of urban residential properties. 

The eighth category – overall average – is a summary average of all other categories combined. This is used as a general ‘average indicator’ of the overall benefits and potential of the property.

The Categories

The Living Key category icons signify the key elements or categories of sustainable urban residential properties. 

The seven icons relate to environmental sustainability concerns including energy, water, resources and transport; quality of life concerns including community, liveability and health; and ecological concerns in the natural world. Embedded in these elements are key criteria relating to,

-    the location of the home and access to pathways, cycleways and public transport, shops and services, 
-    design of the home and garden, 
-    renewable energy, 
-    water harvesting and reuse, 
-    fit-out of the home, and qualities of the natural environment.

Living Key Is focussed only on the embedded and fixed sustainability features of the home and the community in which it is located to provide the occupants with the potential to lead more sustainable lives. 

Living Key does not attempt to look at the owner’s/occupants lifestyle, behaviours or consumption habits as these vary greatly on an individual case-by-case basis.